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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability emerged as a concept at the end of the 20th century to raise awareness on the impact of humans on the environment and the depletion of the limited resources of our planet. Social, Environmental and Economic sustainability are the main pıllars of sustainable agriculture.





In the regions where we practice sustainable agriculture, the farmers' general agricultural experience and the knowledge of harvesting capers (gebere) help us keep our company up to date. The local women farmers who harvest our capers are our most important partners. The health, safety, working conditions and economic well-being of our farmers are our priority.


Due to its nature, low water consumption and use in combating erosion, capers are suitable for sustainable agriculture. We preserve both underground and aboveground biodiversity by not using chemical pesticides in areas where we practice sustainable agriculture. In addition, we manually harvest our products and try to keep our carbon footprint at the lowest levels.


In all the regions where we operate, we realize our supply chain locally as much as possible and contribute to the regional economy. We try to be a pioneer in the economic development of the regions where we operate by sharing the principles and examples of sustainable agriculture with the people of the region.

Considering the Earth's limited resources and long regeneration times, we must act consciously. In order to leave a livable world to future generations, we, as Naturelez, have been maintaining our commitment to sustainable agriculture principles, along with our activities, since the first day.

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