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What are Capers?

Native to the Mediterranean region the caper plant is known for its various benefits to people and to nature. Capers are shrub like plants that have strong roots that can grow deep even in unfavorable conditions. The caper plants are commonly used to fight against soil erosion in arid regions.

Various studies have been conducted on capers’ benefits and their usage in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Capers have been harvested for centuries and many prominent historians have cited capers in their research. Evliya Çelebi, a Turkish social historian from the 17th century, in his “Seyahatname” has highlighted the benefits of the capers (geber) that naturally grow in the Osmancık region of the Çorum.

As part of its localness principle, Naturelez harvests its 100% natural capers from the Osmancık region with the help of local farmers.

Naturelez'in kapari hasadı
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