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Preparation of Naturelez Capers

The capers we harvest from nature go through a preparation process in production facilities that have international quality certifications, and which also share our sustainability principles.

Naturelez offers its capers calibrated so that you could choose the right one for your taste.

  • Non-pareil (0-7 mm)

  • Surfine (7-8 mm)

  • Capucine (8-9 mm)

  • Capote (9-11 mm)

  • Fine (11-13 mm)

Due to the short time they spend in nature the non-pareil (0-7 mm) and surfine (7-8 mm) caliber small capers have a firmer texture and a sharper taste. The medium size capucine (8-9 mm) and capote (9-11 mm) caliber capers are relatively softer both in texture and taste. Fine (11-13 mm) caliber large capers are more suitable for sauce recipes because they disintegrate easier compared to smaller calibers.

Before getting ready for consumption, the naturally harvested capers are cured in salt or brine (water, vinegar, and salt) for a certain amount of time and then they move on to packaging. We offer our capers prepared in sea salt or brine (water, vinegar, and salt) in various sizes of packaging (105 cc, 224 cc, 500 cc and 1000 cc). 

Naturelez Ürün Portfötü 2022
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