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Sustainable Harvest

Osmancık AGRO

Osmancik AGRO is an organic farming startup established in 2017 that operates in Osmancik, Corum - TURKEY. Naturelez is the brand created by Osmancik AGRO as part of its sustainable farming initiatives.

Nature and our customers are our main stakeholders in Naturelez. We believe that by respecting nature and sustaining it we can share its richness with all our partners.

Peacefully coexisting with nature and embracing diversity on our farms are our main values. In addition, we also make sure that we don’t use any kind of chemical fertilizers or any kind of pesticides that could harm the ecosystem. All our products are harvested by hand and no heavy farming machinery is used which keeps our carbon emission at a minimum level.

Naturelez, as a startup from a small community, aims to help the development of its local community by supporting local farmers through employment and by sharing best practices through the local agriculture agencies. As part of our sustainable farming policy, we ensure the quality of products by sourcing locally and harvesting naturally.   

Osmancık Agro

Our Values:


Naturelez respects the power of nature. Our eco-friendly farming methods allow us to coexist with nature and helps us peacefully share its bounty.



Naturelez collaborates with local farmers and aims to grow together with the local communites. Naturelez aims to support socio-economic sustainability by sourcing locally and employing experienced local farmers. 



Naturelez believes that everyone should be able to have the correct information on the food they eat. Thus, from farm to table, Naturelez is committed to total transparency in its supply chain processes.



Naturelez values the vital connection between human and nature. Naturelez shares nature’s wholesomeness with the world through its sustainably produced %100 natural products.



Naturelez aims to become a trailblazer of the ecologic farming revolution and to share nature’s richness with the next generations.

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